How to Snake a Clogged Pipe Like a Pro


When a standard plunger cannot clear your clogged drain, bring out a standard drain snake - just like what a real plumber would do in Florida. You can think of it as the middle ground between the basic tools and the “big guns” that professionals use when working on the main flow ways.

The most common causes of a clogged pipe include:

Food particles in the kitchen sink
Tree roots
Foreign materials

Open the Drain

The first to do before unclogging any drainpipe is gaining access. That usually means using a wrench to remove the appropriate part. However, the procedure is different depending on the situation. You might have to uninstall a cleanout plug, a drain stopper for a sink, an overflow assembly for a tub or a washer drain hose for a washing machine.

Start Snaking

Insert the snake into the open drain until it meets resistance. It could be a bend or the clog causing the stoppage, and the standard procedure is to tighten the setscrew then crank the snake clockwise while applying moderate pressure. That should get you past the bend easily without any pipe breaks. If it does not move, then you reached the clog.

Once it gets past the bend, loosen the screw and feed the snake into the outflow until it meets another obstacle. Then crank it carefully until the snake moves freely inside the pipe.

Remove the Device

After the job is complete, loosen the screw and use a rag to clean the snake while retracting it. If it’s stopped for any reason, tighten the setscrew and turn the handle counterclockwise while pulling until it comes loose. Finally, clean any remaining debris on its end then run water to make sure the problem is finally solved.

There you have it, a full guide to fixing any clogged drain in your house. Just remember to store the snake away from the kids and pets to protect them from all the harmful bacteria and viruses clinging on it.

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