Avoid Plumbing Surprises with Simple Inspections and Maintenance


Being proactive about the pipes in your building can prevent plumbing problems that cause costly structural damage and business interruption. Water damage can also destroy personal property and even cause mold infestations. Even worse, insurance companies may deny claims if they feel proper maintenance was not being done. Avoid costly surprises by learning how to inspect and maintain your plumbing in Orlando, FL.

Inspect Frequently

First pay attention to high water bills. If something seems out of the ordinary, then you might have a broken pipe, crack or a leak. Inspect plumbing frequently looking for cracks, drips, leaks, or puddles. Be sure to tune in to more subtle clues like excess moisture, stinky or moldy odors, corrosion, clunking pipe sounds and gurgling noises. Here are some places to inspect:

• Check drains for flow rate, odors and sounds indicating blockages
• Look under sinks for leaks, wet materials, mold or corroded pipes
• Check faucets for corrosion, leaks or low water-pressure
• Inspect toilets for plumbing problems and wetness or drips, as well as bad odors
• Make sure roof drainage systems, downspouts and gutters are clear of debris and that water can flow freely
• Test your sump pump and make sure the basement drainage system is effective
• Check for proper water temperature and look for signs of corrosion around water heaters or boilers
• Notice smells or gurgling sounds around sewer lines that may indicate backups

Maintain as Needed

Know where the water main supply valve is located. Test supply valves now to make sure they work so you can turn off water when needed in an emergency. Be sure to replace any leaky pipes and clean clogged drains so minor problems don’t become major disasters.

If you find have plumbing problems including major water damage or mold colonies, you can count on a one-stop-shop solution from a professional water damage mitigation and restoration company. They have equipment and experience to make your recovery efficient, allowing you to focus on speedy return to business.

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