Prepare Your Electronics After a Commercial Fire With These 4 Tips


After an electrical fire in your Orange County, FL, business, the equipment will most likely be in a delicate state. Even a functioning device could have some hidden smoke damage that can eventually deteriorate it or make it dangerous to use. While you should leave the computer cleanup to professionals, you can still prepare the affected equipment for inspection.

1. Unplug the Devices
Powering off electronic devices before any type of maintenance is the most important step you can take. The damage may have altered the device to the point leaving it on could present a safety hazard. Any cleaning attempt can also lead to permanent damage. The most effective way to prevent these incidents is by unplugging the items.

2. Protect the Memory
Your business may depend on the information kept inside your computers. If fire and smoke affected them, it is crucial to retrieve the data fast before attempting to clean them. Remove the hard drive or other storage component and plug it into another separate computer to regain access. Establish backup and business recovery plans before an emergency to avoid losing your work.

3. Identify the Damage
The smoke resulting from an electrical fire can affect your devices in different ways. Smoke damage may leave behind a black film that can insulate the items and cause overheating. It also creates acidic soot that can weaken and damage the components. Some smoke is even followed by a circuit-shorting magnetic charge. If you can identify this damage in a non-disruptive manner, do so and inform the specialists to help them with their service.

4. Find the Warranty
While resources such as a computer cleanup service and your current insurance plan can help with any financial losses, there is at least another way to remedy it. Keep track of the damaged devices and find their corresponding warranty records since some of them may include fire damage.

Even though cleanup technicians can handle this careful process, you can still play a role in restoration. Perform these steps whenever possible for faster recovery from an electrical fire.

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